Bylaw Officer Protective Force Options

Real Training for the Real World.

Our #1 objective is to ensure your safety! We provide officers the training and tools to enable them to do their job safely, effectively, efficiently, and professionally.

With great power comes great responsibility. Understanding legal authorities increases competence and confidence, directly impacting success in using communication (verbal and non-verbal) to de-escalate a situation.

We educate participants on how to use the minimal amount of force necessary to preserve their health/ well-being, gain control over a subject, and/ or disengage to a position of safety. We cover, in detail, the importance of articulation including threat perception, legal authorities, and the “why you did, what you did, and how you did it”.

Based on our experience, the second an officer goes hands on their risk of injury escalates as does the subjects. When officers lack a skill set, they often panic resulting in a higher level of force.

Understanding communication, tactical positioning, threat cues, legal authorities, and how the body works (both the officers and the subjects) empowers officers with the skills to keep them safe.

"Best training ever received, love the practical and real examples, just all around loved it all. You are an amazing instructor!"
- Anonymous

Sheepdog Self-Protection Inc delivers training in the following areas:

Use of Force Theory

National Use of Force Framework

De-Escalation Communication and Conflict Resolution

Officer Safety

Mental Health on the Front Line

Basic Personal Safety Techniques



OC Spray

Report Writing/ Note Taking

Fear Management and Resiliency

Reality Based Training

Delivery Options Include:

Focus: Personal Safety

Focus: Force Options

Force Options and Reality-Based Training

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