Customer Service Excellence

Real Training for the Real World.

Customer service excellence in any industry is what sets an organization apart from the competition. An organizations ability to demonstrate superior customer service is based on their ability to genuinely meet and exceed their customer’s needs and expectations.

No Competition? Never settle for mediocrity, Always strive for excellence.

Developing rapport with customers personalizes their experience and thus strengthens the customer’s relationship with the employee and the organization. In any relationship conflict is inevitable. Degree of conflict can be drastically reduced when employees demonstrate customer service excellence. The mindset behind conflict should not be interpreted as negative but instead as an opportunity to strengthen employee customer relationships.

"Engaging. Honest. Useful. Great!"
- Anonymous

Topics include:

Job Knowledge- Roles and Responsibilities (Not Just Your Own)

Customer complaints- Why they complain and Your response

What does your customer want from you?

Managing Customer Expectations

Customer Service Fails and How we Can Learn from Them

Effective Communication- Verbal and Non-Verbal

Abandon the Ego

Your Personal Impact

Customer Correspondence- Person, Phone, Email

Honouring Commitments and Avoiding Promises we cannot keep

Restoring customer confidence and satisfaction during conflict

 Ending a conversation with confirmed customer satisfaction

What does a team of current and retired law enforcement officers (your instructors) know about Customer Service? What most people don’t know or recognize is that law enforcement is a customer service industry. Our clients, or “customers”, are those we serve. Customer Service Excellence, in law enforcement, promotes trust, confidence, and accountability, and to go above and beyond our “customers” needs and expectations. With over 100 years of combined life and professional experience- We have some tips and advice on how to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of your consumers while managing conflict, confrontation, and the complaints that inevitably pop up in the process.

Seminar Length:

4 Hours- Interactive Presentation

Group Size:

  • Maximum 40 Participants/Class

Group Rate:

Inside the Capital Regional District

  • 4 hour- $1250.00 (+ GST)

Outside the Capital Regional District

  • 4 hour- $1500 plus travel (+ GST)

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