What are teen girls saying about Fight Back for Teen Girls?

I real­ly enjoyed this class and I’ve learned to be aware of my sur­round­ings. Thank you for teach­ing us self-pro­tec­tion. — Anonymous

I liked the fact that it was very inter­ac­tive mak­ing it eas­i­er to learn. I took away the fact that you should always be con­scious and aware of your sur­round­ings. — Anonymous

I liked…Amount of rep­e­ti­tion on impor­tant points, knee strikes, and exam­ples. — Anonymous

I liked how you teach us how to do the SEEK help steps in a way that we can learn with­out hours of rep­e­ti­tion and prac­tice. — Anonymous

I real­ly like how you use every­day exam­ples. I like how there was a mix of pre­sen­ta­tion and stand­ing up activ­i­ties. I like how fun it was. Thanks! — Anonymous

I liked the instruc­tor. Every­thing was clear­ly orga­nized and made sense. I learned about safe­ty and the best ways to attack if all else fails. How to judge what peo­ple tell you and what their motives are and types of unnec­es­sary ques­tions. No hands in pock­ets. Lots of fun. — Anonymous

I liked the slideshow, the stuff with the pads, and the way you did the exam­ples. — Anonymous

I liked that we learned how to defend our­selves. I liked use the kick­ing pads. — Anonymous

I real­ly liked all the hit­ting! I think the whole pro­gram was pret­ty awe­some. — Anonymous

(I liked) The quick­est was to dis­able an attack­er so you can get away and mak­ing me aware in pub­lic. — Anonymous

I liked the mix­ture of both talk­ing and phys­i­cal activ­i­ty. It was real­ly fun and fun­ny. — Anonymous

I liked the way you thought things- it was effi­cient and straight to the point. — Anonymous

I liked that you weren’t super seri­ous and like strict and we learned a bunch of cool stuff. — Anonymous

It was real­is­tic. Not hard to learn. I liked the phys­i­cal activ­i­ty. — Anonymous

Every­thing I learned today was new and ben­e­fi­cial! You did a great job and every­thing was well taught. Thank you. — Anonymous

I enjoyed all the skills I learned and that I can use them in the future. — Anonymous

I real­ly liked being here, get­ting to learn new tech­niques, and get­ting to punch things. I had lots of fun! — Anonymous

I liked learn­ing how to phys­i­cal­ly pro­tect myself. — Anonymous

Cool teacher. Nice tech­niques. More smart. Punch­ing. — Anonymous

I liked fight­ing with the bags and mak­ing new friends. — Anonymous

I liked the knee strikes, wrist holds, and chokes/ wall push­es. I thoughts those were real­ly good and real­ly help­ful. — Anonymous

I enjoyed kick­ing and the part­ner switch­ing and hav­ing a good time with my friends. — Anonymous

I loved every­thing. You’re amaz­ing. Thank you! — Anonymous

I liked prac­tic­ing every­thing with a part­ner. It was fun and will help in real life sit­u­a­tions. — Anonymous

I liked attack­ing the bags. It was a lot of fun. — Anonymous

I enjoyed prac­tic­ing punch­es and elbows and knees. It was kind of like let­ting out anger and it was fun to learn. — Anonymous

I liked hit­ting the bags! — Anonymous

I enjoyed learn­ing all the dif­fer­ent tech­niques and about stance posi­tions. Thank you very much. — Anonymous

I liked learn­ing how to hit and kick. — Anonymous

I liked the many ways I can defend myself. I learned so much. It was very fun. All the tricks are some­thing I am going to remem­ber. — Anonymous

I liked learn­ing grips and tech­niques to defend myself that are real­is­tic and easy to remem­ber. A great class! — Anonymous

I liked that every­body was so com­fort­able. I learned how to defend myself and I will keep that knowl­edge. I liked learn­ing the phys­i­cal moves and psy­cho­log­i­cal. — Anonymous

I liked the basics of how to defend myself. — Anonymous

I liked learn­ing how to pro­tect myself in any sce­nario. I liked the whole class. — Anonymous

The things we learned today was amaz­ing. Mrs. Kris her­self was fun! Hav­ing some­body come inn and teach us how to defend our­self is amaz­ing. — Anonymous

I though all the drills with the foam pads were fun and use­ful. — Anonymous

I liked the choke hold and the prac­tice kick­ing. I liked learn­ing all the dif­fer­ent sce­nar­ios as well as how we got to prac­tice. — Anonymous

I loved learn­ing how to get out of a choke hold eas­i­ly ion case of an emer­gency. Fun and enjoy­able. Great class. Learned lots. - Anonymous

I loved doing the choke hold drill and the tech­nique was real­ly good. I learned a lot and am real­ly glad you came and taught what I did­n’t know. Enjoy­able. I learned so much. You did great teach­ing. — Anonymous

All the stuff you taught us was good to know! I liked that you cov­ered every­thing. — Anonymous

I liked punch­ing and kick­ing. I real­ly liked all the self defense tools and I’ll make sure not to for­get them. You cov­ered every­thing I think I need­ed to know. It was real­ly help­ful. — Anonymous

I liked learn­ing how to pro­tect myself ion case of an attack. I real­ly enjoyed work­ing with a part­ner to fur­ther help me learn. — Anonymous

Effec­tive ways to dis­able an attack­er. — Anonymous

I’ve learnt a  lot of dif­fer­ent ways to keep me safe and I real­ly liked it since I always feel inse­cure when I am alone some­where but now I have an idea of what I can do. — Anonymous

I liked the yelling, exam­ples of iso­lat­ed areas, learn­ing how to get out of a choke hold, head butting, and elbow­ing. - Anonymous

I liked that every­one could do the tech­niques, not too dif­fi­cult. It was fun! — Anonymous

I liked learn­ing how to pro­tect each oth­er and Self Defense. — Anonymous