Fight Back

“Fight Back” for Women, including Tween and Teen Girls

Message from Kris Greffard, Founder/ Owner of Sheepdog Self-Protection Inc.:

"Over the years I have delivered training to many tweens, teens, and women. Although the primary topic has been personal safety, the content of the programs have had a far deeper impact. I watch participants enter a classroom; nervous, curious, sometimes scared, and uncomfortable with becoming vulnerable or exposing their insecurities to those around them, strangers. 4 hours later they are yelling at one another, striking each other, laughing, smiling, sharing contact information, and have embraced trying something new… together.

As an instructor, watching this is extremely rewarding. Yes, they have learned a few tools to add to their toolbox to keep them safe BUT that’s not all they leave with. As I watch participants exit the classroom they have an extra pop in their step, their shoulders are back, their heads held high, and they leave feeling empowered with the confidence to take on the world.

THAT is my inspiration!

January 2024 is the launch of Badass with Class, developed to create a network of empowered women with confidence, strength, courage, and independence to overcome any obstacle in their pursuit of personal and professional excellence.

My mission is to provide impactful, inspirational, and interactive empowerment experiences ranging from courses, seminars, podcasts, and retreats.

Same great content- Just New and Improved!"

Visit to find a program that best suits you!

"All felt very practical, really enjoyed the physical aspect, liked how you kept it real (no sugar coating or instilling fear), would recommend, loved it!"
- Anonymous

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