Managing Aggressive People

Real Training for the Real World.

Interacting with difficult people can be challenging! Our goal is to give you the confidence and competence to keep you and your colleagues safe during confrontational situations.

This program will provide employees with verbal and non-verbal personal safety skills and strategies needed to recognize, reduce, manage and protect themselves from aggressive and confrontational/violent behaviour in the workplace.

Sheepdog Self-Protection Inc is one of the only companies in Western Canada to deliver training specific to Managing Aggressive People in and out of the workplace. This program has been delivered to Federal, Provincial and Municipal government, as well as to the private industry.

No matter what the job, this program will help your organization minimize risk, and provide employees with realistic skills to safely manage non-verbal, verbal, and even physical aggression. A safe workplace environment promotes employee wellness, reduces fear and anxiety and helps to build employee confidence, which in turn has a positive impact on improving client services.

Whether you are looking for violence prevention training to meet the requirements of the Provincial Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, or training to reduce the anxiety and stress of employees due to foreseeable violence issues, our program “Managing Aggressive People” can meet and exceed your needs.

"Very informative. Great practical examples. Interactive and fun. Related everything that you could to the gardens. Felt personal and not just like a seminar."
- Anonymous

The 4-Hour Course Includes:

Considerations- Awareness of factors that contribute to violence in the workplace

Factors that trigger aggressive behaviour

Proxemics (space) as it relates to personal Safety

Personal zones and how they can be used to de-escalate aggressive behaviour

How to approach or create distance from an aggressive person

Why the “reactionary gap” is so important to employee safety

How to avoid “cornering” techniques when interacting with clients

The use of “team tactics” to enhance personal safety

“Choice” communication skills to use when de-escalating aggressive behaviour

How volume, tone, pitch, and rate of speech can work to your favour or detriment

Pre-Assaultive body cues to assess if a person is about assault you

How to change from threatened to challenged/confident mindset when dealing with a problematic client

The 8-Hour Course Includes:

Topics Covered in the 4 Hour Course

Safety Concerns and Solutions Specific to your Work Environment

Reality Based Training

What is Reality Based training?

Reality based training is created to directly resemble real life situations. Prior to the training the instructor liaises with the host to gather information on the most common incidents staff are exposed to. The training is then tailored specifically to each group. This training provides a safe space to make mistakes without real world consequences. Participants apply the skills they’ve learned while build their confidence and competence in the process.

Of everything we deliver, RBT receives the highest positive feedback. It is common for participants to feel nervous and/or apprehensive prior to attending this training. The most common feedback at the end? That it was the most valuable component of the course, increased their confidence in the skills they learned, great for team building, and often referred to as “the best training they’ve ever received”.

Seminar Length:

  • 4 Hours- Interactive Presentation
  • 8 Hours- Interactive Presentation & Reality Based Training

Class Size:

  • Maximum 40 Participants/Class


Inside the Capital Regional District

  • 4 hour- $1500 (+ GST)
  • 8 hour- $1750 (+ GST)

Outside the Capital Regional District

  • 4 hour- $1750 plus travel (+ GST)
  • 8 hour- $2000 plus travel (+ GST)

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