Pur­su­ing a career in Law Enforce­ment, Cor­rec­tions, Sher­iffs, or Bor­der Ser­vices? Let us help you get you there.

Achiev­ing the job of your dreams takes prepa­ra­tion, deter­mi­na­tion, pas­sion, and confidence.

Not ready to take the offi­cial test? Inter­est­ed in find­ing out where you can improve? Let us help. We break down each com­po­nent of the test, includ­ing time inter­vals, to pin point exact­ly where we can make up time, max­i­mize effi­cien­cy, and be assist you in get­ting the best time possible.

When you come to Sheep­dog Self-Pro­tec­tion Inc, you will prac­tice your test to the exact stan­dards pre­scribed by the offi­cial pro­to­cols. We have all the required equip­ment, the newest and most cur­rent ver­sion, to give you the best expe­ri­ence possible.


At this time we are not offer­ing prac­tice tests. Please know that if you reg­is­ter for an offi­cial test you will receive the same amount of feed­back, includ­ing train­ing tips, as you would run­ning a prac­tice test.

Please vis­it our CALENDAR for upcom­ing offi­cial test­ing dates.

Time and Location: 

Due to COVID-19 our test­ing venues have var­ied. Please read the join­ing instruc­tions when pur­chas­ing a test tick­et to con­firm loca­tion of your test.


  • Prac­tice Test cost: $51.50 plus GSTMax­i­mum of 10 participants.
  • To reg­is­ter CONTACT US

Waiv­er and Par‑Q:

Par­tic­i­pants must com­plete and sign the below doc­u­ments and pro­duce them in hand on the date of their train­ing, prac­tice, and offi­cial testing:

Train­ing Tips:

1. You should be train­ing on a reg­u­lar basis, at least 3 times per week.

2. You should be train­ing both your anaer­o­bic and aer­o­bic car­dio­vas­cu­lar systems.

3. The test­ing requires you to use your upper body, your core, and your low­er body. Strength in all 3 areas is paramount.

4.  Wear clean and dry run­ning shoes with good tread for your test­ing ses­sion.  Shoes with worn out treads or that have exces­sive dirt embed­ded in the soles reduce trac­tion for the pulling and push­ing phase of the test.  Good footwear is important!

Per­son­al Training:

Inter­est­ed in 1:1 per­son train­ing to bet­ter pre­pare you for the test. We have sev­er­al options avail­able to help you over­come this state of the recruit­ing process.

Want the Com­plete Package?

Our Inte­grat­ed Street Com­bat­ives (ISC) Pro­gram pro­vides you with the com­plete pack­age to best pre­pare you for a career in Law Enforce­ment, Cor­rec­tions, Sher­iffs, Bor­der Ser­vices, and any oth­er career to which pro­tec­tion is your #1 pri­or­i­ty. Don’t just pre­pare for the test. Pre­pare for the job.

Not Ready Yet?

Vis­it our friends to get you there!

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