It was a great class. I was real­ly impressed. The instruc­tors did a fan­tas­tic job. I think all real­tors should attend it. Anony­mous

The con­tent was well pre­pared, down-to-earth, and taught with pas­sion, hope­ful­ly inspir­ing con­fi­dence in all, that rather than just being fear­ful, that it is worth both tak­ing delib­er­ate pre­cau­tions to pre­vent an attack, but if it hap­pens, to be active­ly resist­ing and doing one’s best to flee. Anony­mous

Kris and Fran­cois were very pro­fes­sion­al and the ses­sion was high­ly infor­ma­tive. Anony­mous

Instruc­tors worked well togeth­er in pre­sent­ing the con­tent. Lots of com­mon sense pre­cau­tions and ideas that would be valu­able to any­body, not just in our indus­try. Anony­mous

This was an excel­lent work­shop. It was a good blend of dis­cus­sion / instruc­tion ver­sus phys­i­cal / prac­ti­cal train­ing. The instruc­tors were excel­lent, high­ly rec­om­mend­ed. Anony­mous

Great, No non­sense instruc­tion. Con­densed for main effect. Good under­stand­ing of real­tor work. Very expe­ri­enced and pro­fes­sion­al.- Anony­mous

Made me get out­side my com­fort zone. I learned prac­ti­cal ways to phys­i­cal­ly and ver­bal­ly deal with sit­u­a­tions. Great class size. — Anony­mous

I learned life skills. I nev­er think like that! My per­spec­tive changed for how I deal with open hous­es and clients. Great, not only deal­ing with risky clients but also apply­ing to fam­i­ly mem­ber and loved ones (safe­ty) to defuse sit­u­a­tions. Excel­lent pro­gram. — Anony­mous

Gained aware­ness of risks that my job will bring me and I learned some skills that will save me. Thank you! — Anony­mous

Great strate­gies and tips. Made a tough top­ic fun and real. Thor­ough­ly enjoyed it. Thank you! — Anony­mous

Great reminders!- Anony­mous

Very infor­ma­tive!- Anony­mous

Liked the con­tent! Got me think­ing! Prac­tice part was excel­lent.- Anony­mous

Liked the tips. Like the phys­i­cal com­po­nent. Good things to think about. Good ideas for open hous­es.- Anony­mous

Much bet­ter than I had expect­ed. Very much exceed­ed all my expec­ta­tions. Lots of real­ly great info to take in.- Anony­mous

Infor­ma­tive course! It stirs up emo­tion but aware­ness of all sit­u­a­tions that may/will keep us alive. Thank you for your time. Good job!- Anony­mous

I learned so much. Thank you.- Anony­mous

Good train­ing. Good speak­ing. Good team. Good refresh­er. Thank you!- Anony­mous

Expert advice. Good prac­ti­cal hands on.- Anony­mous

Great pre­sen­ta­tion. Real­ly infor­ma­tive. Liked hear­ing sto­ries.- Anony­mous

Brings front of mind job sur­round­ings. Liked the bags. Liked hav­ing a man and woman instruct­ing.- Anony­mous

Liked the pace. Loved the sce­nar­ios. — Anony­mous

Instruc­tors were great, easy to under­stand and were will­ing to pause and assist in order for the group to under­stand the con­cepts taught. Anony­mous

Very use­ful infor­ma­tion and prac­tice. Would love to repeat this pro­gram for a bet­ter under­stand­ing and enhance­ment. Anony­mous

I am now a fierce, safe, and edu­cat­ed real­tor. Thank you Kris and Fran­cois! Thumbs up. Great job. — Anonymous

Inter­ac­tive. Demon­stra­tions. Easy to fol­low step by step. — Anonymous

I liked the tips and tech­niques. — Anonymous

Great overview on safe­ty. Open house check reminders. Reminder to use instinct. Good to use face­book page as warn­ing notice for peo­ple of con­cern. — Anonymous

Excel­lent mate­r­i­al. Kept our atten­tion. High­ly intel­li­gent instruc­tors. Well described/ explained. Super moti­vat­ing. You rock. Thank you! — Anonymous