Note Taking, Report Writing, and Articulation

Real Training for the Real World.

Now more than ever we are not only criticized for what we do but equally what we don’t do, and more so, a lack of or poor documentation. Poor articulation is one of the top issues identified during complaints and lost court cases. From a liability standpoint, an officers ability to document an incident is equally, if not more, important of a skill as their ability to carry out the task.

Our instructors, recognized experts, provide participants with the foundation of quality note taking, report writing, and articulation. Participants will learn Crown accepted format for not only threat perception and use of force but also basic documentation of interactions that are defensible in Civil and Criminal investigations.

"Good presentation. Clear. Very relevant."
- Anonymous

Topics include:

How to Write a Synopsis

Note Taking Tips

How to Write an Occurrence Report/ Narrative

Providing a Statement to Police

Articulation- The 6 W’s

Know the Law

Painting a Picture with Words

Use of Force Articulation, including Threat Perception

Be the Best Defense Lawyer

Seminar Length:

  • 4 Hours: Interactive Presentation
  • 8 Hours: Interactive Presentation and Practical Application

Group Size:

  • Maximum 24 Participants/ Class

Group Rate:

Inside the Capital Regional District

  • 4 hour - $1250 (+ GST)
  • 8 hour - $1750 (+ GST)

Outside the Capital Regional District

  • 4 hour - $1500 plus travel (+ GST)
  • 8 hour - $2000 plus travel (+ GST)

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