What par­ents are say­ing about Safe KIDS for Kids:

Real­ly enjoyed- real­ly great con­tent, some of which we nev­er thought to cov­er. Good engage­ment with kids to keep them lis­ten­ing, found the “what if’s” very help­ful. — Anonymous

Great tips cov­ered and very engag­ing. Thank you! - Anony­mous

Very infor­ma­tive and straight to the point. Thank you. Wish we could here more- time goes so fast. But you cov­ered the top­ics very well. — Anonymous

Excel­lent pro­gram. Need more of these pro­grams in schools. — Anonymous

It was a good pro­gram. Help­ful and straight for­ward. — Anonymous

Safe Kids- was incred­i­ble info and new info about strangers- we will 100% prac­tice those skills to observe safe peo­ple in sit­u­a­tions. Thank you. Its a scary world full of creeps- this was an eye opened for me too as a par­ent. — Anonymous

Sheep­dog is some­thing that should be in the school sys­tem- this is our 3rd time through. Every child must learn this impor­tant infor­ma­tion. Thank you. — Anonymous

This is such an amaz­ing pro­gram. Instruc­tor is fun­ny, engag­ing, and full of impor­tant infor­ma­tion about how to keep kids safe. The kids had so much fun learn­ing. I real­ly hope they make this course a reg­u­lar part of the ele­men­tary cur­ricu­lum. — Anonymous

This was a won­der­ful class that Kris put on and I think would be very ben­e­fi­cial in the schools to teach safe­ty to our chil­dren. Thank you. — Anonymous

Amaz­ing Class. We take our kids to this class each year to rein­force the lessons. — Anonymous

Loved the parts about call­ing 911 and how to tell the dif­fer­ence between author­i­ty fig­ures. Loved the OK to say “no” to any­one. — Anonymous

Liked… review­ing 911 with cell phones, role play­ing is help­ful and mak­ing the kids do it is help­ful, sce­nar­ios were help­ful, and your ener­gy. — Anonymous

Active for kids- awe­some. Repeat­ing info- help­ful. Phone info- great. — Anonymous

I like the inter­ac­tiv­i­ty. Keep repeat­ing the key points…you do this through­out. We’ve been to this ses­sion 3 times over the years- like the new images in the slide and get­ting par­ents involved with the kids. — Anonymous

Very dynam­ic. Cov­ers lots of good info and keeps kids engaged. — Anonymous

Loved the move­ment and role play. My daugh­ter said she hoped she did­n’t have to just sit and lis­ten- real­ly engag­ing. Great idea with the tem­per tantrum anal­o­gy. 1 hour- just the right length for this age. — Anonymous

Thank you! I know I learned some inter­est­ing supports/ details. I am sure my kids did as well. — Anonymous

Great sce­nar­ios to engage the kids. Hands on activ­i­ties. — Anonymous

Enjoyed the pre­sen­ta­tion. I like how you repeat­ed your­self twice each time some­thing was impor­tant to remem­ber. Great assertive approach. Fun. Good speak­er. — Anonymous

Liked…Got down to their lev­el phys­i­cal­ly when talk­ing about more seri­ous things. Get­ting the kids mov­ing. — Anonymous

Liked… Every­thing. Engag­ing and the liked the demos. - Anony­mous

Good cov­er­age at a pace accept­able to vary­ing ages of chil­dren. – Anonymous

Real­ly good range of con­tent. Great work­shop- very impor­tant and valu­able infor­ma­tion. – Anonymous

Love how clear­ly you explain stranger by using your­self as an exam­ple (very easy for my 5 year old to get). Nev­er thought to teach my child its ok to say no to adults. Excel­lent point that its ok to lie if it keeps you safe- will be remind­ing my child of that often. 2nd time through- Still very impressed. Thank you. – Anonymous

Liked kids prac­tic­ing “loud voice”- hav­ing kids loud and shouting…finding their voice. Appre­ci­ate tem­per tantrum exer­cise. Great exam­ples – cashiers/ check out peo­ple etc.  Great enthu­si­asm from Kris. Kept kids engaged. I liked the side tips direct­ed at par­ents dur­ing the con­ver­sa­tion with kids. – Anonymous

Liked the facts I didn’t know. Eg. BC Tran­sit and Enhanced 911. Tips on how to keep kids prac­tic­ing (eg. point out land­marks). Great length. Scream­ing “no”. – Anony­mous

Great speak­ing tone, pace, words, and engage­ment. Awe­some towards the kids. You are amaz­ing at engag­ing the kids in such an infor­ma­tive man­ner. Every­thing in the con­tent and deliv­ery is first rate. I want to reg­is­ter 10 more times! – Anonymous

Good bal­ance of sil­ly ver­sus seri­ous. Good breadth of top­ics. – Anonymous

Great step by step instruc­tion. – Anonymous

Great pre­sen­ta­tion skills. Great games for kids. – Anonymous

Awe­some con­tent. Great deliv­ery. Thank you! – Anonymous

Liked the… rep­e­ti­tion… every­thing! This was great. Thanks! — Anonymous

My son I had a great time tonight at your pre­sen­ta­tion. I left feel­ing con­fi­dent that what you put forth sunk in with my son. We will con­tin­ue to reit­er­ate what you taught and love your idea about mak­ing it a car game! I was impressed at how well you kept the atten­tion of the room, involved the kids and made it excit­ing for them as well. My son thought it was espe­cial­ly cool to get to use his out­door voice inside. Thanks again for a well put togeth­er and infor­ma­tive evening. — Christi

My son and I attend­ed the Safe KIDS pro­gram you held at the end of March. I just want­ed to let you know how much we enjoyed the pro­gram. The for­mat was great for young chil­dren, to get the point across with­out scar­ing them. It led to many more con­ver­sa­tions and ques­tions and will be some­thing we con­tin­ue to talk about thru the years. In addi­tion to teach­ing the chil­dren how to stay safe, it helped me as a par­ent to know how to prop­er­ly talk to my kids about these sit­u­a­tions. We will def­i­nite­ly be sign­ing him up year­ly to rein­force these skills and will have our daugh­ter take the pro­gram when she is old enough. It would be great if these type of cours­es were offered in schools as well.- Michelle

Both of my chil­dren seemed to enjoy the ses­sion this morn­ing as did I. Kris was very engag­ing and I thought she did a ter­rif­ic job of con­vey­ing, in a short time, many fun­da­men­tals of how to be and stay safe. It is also impor­tant to note that there is much for us, the par­ents, to build on. I think it was also impor­tant for the kids to hear this stuff from some­one else. So, it was most def­i­nite­ly worth it and I would rec­om­mend the pro­gram to oth­ers.- Dan

It was a great pre­sen­ta­tion from a great pre­sen­ter! I loved Kris’ ener­gy and way of inter­act­ing with the kids. — Mary

Thank you again for accom­mo­dat­ing us! It was a fan­tas­tic course and my daugh­ter has had lots of impor­tant ques­tions since. It’s a scary sub­ject that I get emo­tion­al talk­ing about, but so impor­tant to dis­cuss. I have already, and will con­tin­ue, to rec­om­mend it to my friends with kids!- Kim

I could not be more impressed with this pro­gram — high­ly rec­om­mend it!! Kris Gref­fard did an amaz­ing job of teach­ing the kids about the unthink­able, while some­how still mak­ing it fun! While Fin­ley and I had talked about these things before, I thought it was incred­i­bly valu­able for her to hear it from some­one else too. Thanks again Kris!- Meagan

The pre­sen­ta­tion was won­der­ful! High ener­gy, kids were com­plete­ly atten­tive; lots of learn­ing points (for me & kids!) So glad I signed up- Sheilagh

We thought your course was bril­liant! I was so delight­ed to observe how engaged (Son’s name) became, how many things he’d picked up from what we’d already taught him, and how those things were re-inforced through your course. Fan­tas­tic that you were able to bring so much more to the course besides what we already taught him, and we went away with plen­ty to think about. I think you did a bril­liant job of enlight­en­ing not fright­en­ing so thank you again. — Sarah

I thought it was an incred­i­ble pre­sen­ta­tion, every­thing from Kris’s style and how she approached the kids to the con­tent.  New things like 911.. and tran­sit buses…and under­cov­er police. The tips…and sit­u­a­tion­al aware­ness were great too.  Thank you so much — I’ll be telling all my friends about this course. ‑Chris

Fan­tas­tic Drills. Real­ly con­nect­ed well with the kids. Look­ing for­ward to fol­low up class­es. — Anonymous

Great pro­gram, very infor­ma­tive. I learned a lot and real­ized that are a few gaps in what we knew from before we came. — Anonymous

This was great! We will be send­ing our youngest when she is old enough. — Anonymous

Great pro­gram. 3rd times for our son and firs time for our daugh­ter. Like the way you relate things and the way you explain. — Anonymous

Great Pro­gram! Thank you.- Anonymous

Great info and love that you talk to the kids at their lev­el and let them get up and move. We have come a few times and we will keep com­ing. — Anonymous

Great! Thank you. — Anonymous

My kid is super social­ly hes­i­tant. Good bal­ance of prepar­ing the chil­dren for what ifs with­out scar­ing them. Kid says it was fun. — Anonymous

Very thor­ough. — Anonymous

Inter­ac­tion with kids was great. Good knowl­edge for par­ents. Bro­ken down for kids to under­stand. — Anonymous

Lots of top­ics cov­ered. Kids had a blast. — Anonymous

This was our sec­ond time here. It was juts as great and infor­ma­tive as the first time. Thank you. — Anonymous

Well con­trolled activ­i­ties. Intro­duced big issues well. — Anonymous

The yelling was good! — Anonymous

I like how you engaged the chil­dren. You have a great style with young girls. I learned a lot about things I had nev­er thought about. — Anonymous

Good infor­ma­tion. Fun and inter­ac­tive. Teach with author­i­ty (knowl­edge of sub­ject). Pos­i­tive. Age appro­pri­ate. Thank you for your work. You are tru­ly appre­ci­at­ed. — Anonymous

How to inter­act with strangers. How to rec­og­nize a police offi­cer. Scream­ing loud and uni­ver­sal sign for stop. — Anonymous

Very engag­ing. Excel­lent deliv­ery. Help­ful tips (eg. under­cov­er cop) — Anonymous

Rep­e­ti­tion is great for rein­force­ment. Ener­gy lev­el was great. Great encour­age­ment. — Anonymous

I like the front end empha­sis that most unknown peo­ple are good and kind. - Anony­mous

Very engag­ing. Good tips and infor­ma­tive. — Anonymous

I liked the siren anal­o­gy. I like the direct­ness of the ques­tions with the creepy uncle and grab­bing a child. Good tips for impor­tant con­ver­sa­tions to have with our kids. — Anonymous

Cov­ered lots of great infor­ma­tion and sce­nar­ios. Good to have the kids stand up and act out. Engag­ing and fun per­son­al­i­ty. Great con­nec­tion with the kids. — Anonymous

Inter­ac­tive activ­i­ties. Prac­tis­ing for dan­ger­ous sit­u­a­tions. Help them to iden­ti­fy sit­u­a­tions that make them feel bad. Real­ly liked the wide vari­ety of top­ics cov­ered. — Anonymous

Great with kids. Engag­ing. Great Ener­gy! - Anony­mous

Ener­getic. Engag­ing. Good knowl­edge. — Anonymous

Great how much the kids were involved. — Anonymous

Great info. Appro­pri­ate for age. - Anony­mous

Good ener­gy. Kids engaged. Kept kids atten­tion. — Anonymous

Great! Thank you! — Anonymous

Love the empow­er­ing ideas the kids were pre­sent­ed with! Great course. Thank you. — Anonymous

Very well done. Great ener­gy. Lots of great points. — Anonymous

Engag­ing and allow chil­dren a space to speak and be heard. — Anonymous

Thought it was great, c lear, and easy for kids to under­stand, grasp, and remem­ber. Thank you. — Anonymous

Great ener­gy and con­nec­tion. Awe­some use of move­ment and involve­ment. Great bal­ance; most strangers.. empow­er­ing to kids. Respect the lev­el of par­tic­i­pa­tion. - Anony­mous

You are awe­some with kids. Cov­ered all! Pre­cise and to the point. Short enough as not to loose their atten­tion. — Anonymous

Liked… The tech­niques, inter­ac­tion, and infor­ma­tion. — Anonymous

Liked… Was engag­ing, inter­est­ing, and con­tained great info. — Anonymous

Very well explained. So much great info. Thank you. — Anonymous

Liked… Ener­gy and humour parts. Kids at ease and kept them lis­ten­ing. — Anonymous

Liked… Enthu­si­asm, high fives, engag­ing kids. Good info; strangers can help, not “stranger dan­ger”. — Anonymous

Great ener­gy. Excel­lent infor­ma­tion. “Scary stuff” was pre­sent­ed well for age group. Yelling seg­ments. Great work! — Anonymous

Infor­ma­tive for the kids to under­stand. — Anonymous

Wide array of top­ics. How you went into detail to explain every­thing to kids with lots of exam­ples (visu­al pic­tures and audi­to­ry words). Loved them act­ing out what to do. — Anonymous

Liked… That the infor­ma­tion was impor­tant and help­ful for kids and par­ents. Use­ful to know some of the changes (ie. stranger dan­ger to sit­u­a­tion­al dan­ger). - Anony­mous

I real­ly love every­thing about Kris’s pro­gram. Real­ly great ener­gy from the instruc­tor. — Anonymous

Loved the activ­i­ties for the kids. Keep­ing them active and hold­ing their atten­tion. - Anony­mous

Amaz­ing! Cov­ered a huge amount of infor­ma­tion. I liked see­ing how my child react­ed and respond­ed. I learned a lot from that. — Anonymous

Excel­lent con­tent. Well pre­sent­ed and good with kids. Man­aged inter­rup­tions well. — Anonymous

I love this class. It’s our sec­ond time and we will do it every year. I always invite friends too! - Anony­mous

Great ener­gy. Very infor­ma­tive. Kept chil­dren engaged. - Anony­mous

Great vari­ety of top­ics and involv­ing the par­ents in the secu­ri­ty knowl­edge. - Anony­mous

Won­der­ful pro­gram. Very thor­ough and infor­ma­tive. — Anonymous

Very good infor­ma­tion for par­ents and kids. — Anonymous

Amaz­ing pro­gram, real­ly and tru­ly. Very infor­ma­tive with­out scar­ing kids. Thank you. — Anonymous

I liked the mes­sage that most strangers are nice and do not mean to harm any­one- I have made this point to my daugh­ter but have nev­er heard this advice in a for­mal set­ting. — Anonymous

I liked… talk­ing to an adult when gone miss­ing, go to a store, elab­o­rate on safe paths and dan­ger­ous paths, over­all.… great. — Anonymous

Take aways… short mes­sages easy to under­stand  and remem­ber. Con­cise and firm and friend­ly. - Anony­mous

Great info, thanks! Good dis­cus­sion starters and skills to prac­tice. - Anony­mous

Great kid inter­ac­tion. Good way of pre­sent­ing with­out being scary. - Anonymous

Great pro­gram. Great infor­ma­tion. Well pre­sent­ed at age appro­pri­ate ways. - Anony­mous

Gave ideas/ con­cepts for par­ents to cov­er. Had kids prac­tice con­cepts. Thanks- good start­ing point. — Anonymous

Taught impor­tant safe­ty pieces in a kid friend­ly way. BC Tran­sit- didn’t know. - Anony­mous

Lots of great info! Like that it was­n’t about scar­ing kids. — Anonymous

Liked every­thing. Love, love, love. — Anonymous

Short and to the point. Good infor­ma­tion. Good ener­gy. Loved it! — Anonymous 

Amaz­ing info and great deliv­ery. The inter­ac­tion was awe­some. Loved it! — Anonymous

Awe­some pace/ inter­ac­tion. Great cov­er­age of the top­ics at hand. Every­thing   was great! — Anonymous

Friend­ly deliv­ery of info. Cov­ered all of the mate­r­i­al we were hop­ing. Was­n’t scary. Thank you! — Anonymous