Find out what Parents are saying about Fight Back for Kids:

I liked… the hands on work, analo­gies, and to scream and put hands out. - Anony­mous

I liked..techniques were all good and great hold­ing kids account­able. - Anony­mous

Awe­some! Every bit as impressed with this course as with the Safe Kids class. Thank you so much. My shy girl need that phys­i­cal prac­tice. Fan­tas­tic. - Anony­mous

Enjoyed the most effec­tive actions and words. - Anony­mous

Active and involved. Allowed them to attack a stranger (along with par­ents). Thanks so much. Good pro­gram! — Anonymous

Enthu­si­as­tic and upbeat, moved quick­ly, and hands on. Thank you. - Anony­mous

Love the tech­niques. Love use of pads. Loved use of human to give real­i­ty and per­spec­tive. - Anony­mous

Lots of fun. Easy for kids. Good oppor­tu­ni­ty to par­tic­i­pate. Easy to under­stand. - Anony­mous

Great into for the kids. We need to con­tin­ue the work at home. Thanks for the tools! — Anonymous

Scream­ing out loud. Phys­i­cal­ly hit­ting. Nice reminders for par­ents such as exit routes dur­ing emer­gen­cies. — Anonymous

Clear. Con­cise. Great prac­tice. Empow­ered the kids. Real­ly liked hav­ing “man stranger” for kids to prac­tice on. — Anonymous

Very com­pre­hen­sive. Good lan­guage and instruc­tion for all ages. Won­der­ful info and phys­i­cal bal­ance. — Anonymous

Fast paced. Engag­ing. Inclu­sive. Rel­e­vant. Great tips and tech­niques for real life sit­u­a­tions. — Anonymous

Great your hus­band suit­ed up for the kids to try self-pro­tec­tion skills on him as kids are often hesitant/ shy to hurt some­one. Goes against what we teach them nor­mal­ly. Espe­cial­ly girls. Great! - Anony­mous

Awe­some info. Such impor­tant stuff. We will do it again to rein­force. — Anonymous

Loved how inter­ac­tive it was. Great prac­tice and knowl­edge. - Anony­mous

I real­ly enjoyed every­thing about this pro­gram. Instruc­tor is super great. I loved the class and will sign up for the wom­en’s pro­gram! — Anonymous

Find out what Kids are saying about Fight Back:

I loved learn­ing about how to not take the bait and how to defend myself. ‑Anony­mous

I had fun. It helped with my social con­fi­dence. — Anonymous

I liked do a lot of kick­ing and punch­ing and talk­ing about safe­ty. — Anonymous

I liked…How awe­some the teacher was. - Anonymous

I liked that it was phys­i­cal. — Anonymous

I liked learn­ing self-defence. — Anonymous

I liked the punch­ing and kick­ing. - Anonymous

I enjoyed learn­ing how to be con­fi­dent  and how to defend your­self. — Anonymous

I enjoyed learn­ing the top 10 safe­ty tips. — Anonymous

I liked meet­ing new peo­ple and learn­ing new things. — Anonymous

I liked work­ing with the kick­ing and punch­ing bags. — Anonymous

I liked work­ing with the pads. — Anonymous

I liked the games, scream­ing, and punch­ing. - Anony­mous

I liked every­thing! – Anonymous

I liked the games, punch­ing, and kick­ing. – Anonymous

I liked the punch with elbows. – Anonymous

Shoul­ders back, chest up, head up. I liked the scream­ing, eyes, elbows, and knees. – Anonymous

I felt very safe tonight. I learned a lot! – Anonymous

I liked the fight­ing skills. – Anonymous

I liked how you taught me to be con­fi­dent. – Anonymous

I loved the scream­ing and yelling. – Anonymous

I liked the punch­ing with knees and elbows. – Anonymous

I liked punch­ing and knees and all of it in one. – Anonymous