This 4 hour safe­ty sem­i­nar is designed to pro­vide par­tic­i­pants with per­son­al aware­ness strate­gies that will help to reduce the risks of becom­ing a vic­tim of sud­den vio­lence or a street crime. This pro­gram is intend­ed to min­i­mize per­son­al risk, build con­fi­dence, and pro­vide real­is­tic skills and strate­gies to safe­ly man­age almost all street crimes and unpre­dictable violence.

Top­ics Include:

  • Where will an attack most like­ly occur
  • Who is your attack­er and why do they attack
  • Reduc­ing the risks of being attacked
  • What an attacker’s pri­ma­ry tool is and how you can take that tac­tic away
  • How to improve your sit­u­a­tion­al awareness
  • The 6 types of street inter­views that an attack­er will use to see if you are a safe target
  • Your 4 tac­ti­cal response options to an attack
  • Why safe­ty whis­tles, per­son­al alarms, and pep­per sprays may not work to stop an attacker
  • Why you must nev­er leave the pri­ma­ry crime scene and go with an attacker
  • What to do if attacked

Sem­i­nar Length:

4 Hours

Class Size:

Max­i­mum 40 Participants

Sem­i­nar Cost:

$1250.00 (plus GST)

Prices list­ed reflect pro­grams deliv­ered in the Greater Vic­to­ria area.  For those who are inter­est­ed in our pro­grams out­side of Greater Vic­to­ria, please con­tact us direct­ly for a quote

About the Instruc­tor: 

Chris Spar­go: Chris retired from law enforce­ment in 2018 after 29 years of polic­ing. Chris spent 13 years as a Sergeant, 18 years as a firearms instruc­tor, and 16 years on the Emer­gency Response Team. His back­ground includes patrol, bikes, beat, traf­fic, crowd man­age­ment, inter­nal inves­ti­ga­tions, oper­a­tional plan­ning, and train­ing.  Chris is the lead instruc­tor for “Man­ag­ing Aggres­sive Peo­ple” and assists in the deliv­ery of sev­er­al oth­er pro­grams deliv­ered by Sheep­dog Self-Pro­tec­tion Inc.