I liked…the humour, cov­ered lots of con­tent, gave me lots to think about and share with my col­leagues, enjoyed the per­son­al sto­ry at the end and the instruc­tor’s real response (emo­tion­al) to it. — Anonymous

Empow­er­ing. Good to know. aware­ness. Con­fi­dence and yelling. Help is your best defence. — Anonymous

Inter­est­ing. Good talk! Thank you. — Anonymous

Very infor­ma­tive. Loved knowl­edge and exam­ples were very help­ful. — Anonymous

Infor­ma­tive. Effi­cient. Inter­ac­tive. Hon­est. — Anonymous

Very good dis­cus­sion. — Anonymous

Great advice about effec­tive non-esca­lat­ing dif­fu­sion tech­niques. Clear and per­son­able. — Anonymous