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"Increasing mixing of police, fire, ambulance, great communication, so many takeaways for real life in the field, transferable across agenciesReal world examples bridging the jobs, disseminating calls we have had in recent weeks/ months, great delivery, timely." (Anonymous)
First Responders
"Excellent and engaging, loud and energetic" (Anonymous)
Customer Service Excellence
"Great speaking tone, pace, words, and engagement. Awesome towards the kids. You are amazing at engaging the kids in such an informative manner. Everything in the content and delivery is first rate. I want to register 10 more times!" (Anonymous)
Safe Kids
"I really liked how you engaged all of us and kept us in line when needed, I really liked how many breaks we took because it kept me focused all day. I like the way you present and your humor. You made me feel very comfortable within the first 5 minutes I entered the room. I learnt a lot. Thanks so much." (Anonymous)
"Appreciate the mutual respect and having fun in the jobs, thank you for sharing the new tools, I will use these and try better to have a larger perspective at a sceneI liked all the stories, I liked that you called people up and didn’t wait for volunteers, I liked that the info was succinct and to the point." (Anonymous)
First Responders

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