Personal Safety and De-Escalation for First Responders

Real Training for the Real World.

This program was specifically developed for Fire Fighters and Paramedics. We listened to your stories, gathered your input and applied your feedback. We have created a program that will enable you to feel safer in the workplace thus allowing you to focus your energy and concentration on the task at hand; saving lives.

First responders are often targeted for no other reason than the uniform they wear. First responders sign up and commit to the people they serve. In order to fulfill that commitment they have to maintain their personal safety to be able to guarantee that of the public.

The reality is if you go down, you are no better than the person you are responding to. Let’s keep you up and in the game! We bet that you play harder off duty than you do on. Let’s keep you fit, healthy, and uninjured to be able to enjoy the things you love in life!

The objective of this program is to educate participants on how to avoid a hands on physical encounter, to minimize the opportunities of being the victim of a spontaneous assault, and how to de-escalate a situation using nothing more than communication.

Police, Fire, and Ambulance work collaboratively to protect the public. Let’s get on the same page to ensure EVERYONE goes home safe tonight.

"Subject knowledge excellent, engaging- interesting presentation, real life scenarios, Beneficial coming from a police officer, credible, understanding challenges."
- Anonymous

Topics include:

Define aggressive behaviour

Triggers of aggressive behaviour

Professional presence

Verbal and non-verbal communication strategies to successfully de-escalate conflict

How communication can aid in identifying a potential threat

Use of Force Theory

Threat perception/assessment in the workplace

Spatial awareness/relative positioning to patients and clients

Factors that affect proxemics

Using the environment to your advantage to maintain your personal safety

Contact and cover principles 

Reactionary gap and its application with the public

Pre-assault cues 

Course Delivery:

This program is an interactive presentation that, although requires attendee participation, is not a hands on “self-defence” class.

Course Length:

  • 4 Hours

Class Size:

  • Maximum 25 Participants/Class


Inside the Capital Regional District

  • $1250.00 (+GST)

Outside the Capital Regional District

  • $1500.00 plus travel (+GST)

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