Total Awareness

Real Training for the Real World.

We provide participants with personal awareness strategies that help reduce the risks of becoming a victim of sudden violence, street crime, and/or a real-world physical encounter. This program minimizes personal risk, builds confidence, and provides realistic skills and strategies to safely manage almost all street crimes and unpredictable violence. Our methods are based on what works in the real world; simple, easy, usable, retainable under stress, and can be adapted to all age, size, and abilities.

"I love your passion and enthusiasm and drive in teaching us how to become safer and stay safe. Everything was very relevant and important. Thank you and I wish it was much longer than 1 day. You empower us!"
- Anonymous

The 3-Hour Course Includes:

Self-Defense and the Law

3 Most Common Trends of Stranger-on-Stranger Attacks

Know your Attacker and the Tactics they Use

Prevention Strategies

Situational Awareness

Safety whistles, personal alarms, and pepper sprays - Why they don’t work


Assertive Communication

What to do if attacked - SEEK Safety

Seminar Length:

3 Hours- Interactive Presentation

Class Size:

  • Maximum 40 Participants/Class


Inside the Capital Regional District

  • 4 hour- $1250.00 (+ GST)

Outside the Capital Regional District

  • 4 hour- $1500 plus travel (+ GST)

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